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WOD2CSV converts a file of Whole Orbit Data (WOD) from the RUDAK module aboard the AMSAT OSCAR-40 spacecraft into a comma-separated values (CSV) format file suitable for import into a spreadsheet program.

WOD2CSV is a command-line program.

System Requirements

To run the included executable, any environment capable of running well-behaved MS-DOS programs, including all versions of Windows, OS/2, and most DOS emulation environments.

The program should also be compilable on other command-line environments, such as Unix.



Current Status

Stable. No current development plans. The current released version of WOD2CSV is 0.03, released May 23, 2001.


Known Bugs



WOD2CSV is released under the GNU General Public License, Version 2.

Source Code

Source code in ANSI C is included.

WOD2CSV also makes use of the GNU getopt library routine, which is included.


WOD2CSV.TXT - user manual (plain text, 1.3K)

RUDAK info page


WOD2CSV 0.03 (zip file, 68K)

Sample input files: wd051300.bin wd072600.bin

See Also

Whole Orbit Data, a Java solution to the same problem by John Melton, N6LYT/G0ORX.

RudakTLM, a Visual BASIC solution by Michael Kingery, KE4AZN (no source code, though).

Copyright 2002 Paul Williamson. Comments to kb5mu@amsat.org