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ITTSRCHK is a simple DOS command-line program for use in the batch file you write to load TSR (terminate-and-stay-resident) drivers that work with InstantTrack. It simply checks to see if the standard set of drivers is already loaded, and returns a DOS exit code that can be used in the batch file to selectively install those drivers not already found. This makes it easy to write a batch file that can be called repeatedly without accidentally re-installing any of the drivers.

System Requirements

To run ITTSRCHK, any environment capable of running an MS-DOS program is required. This certainly includes all versions of MS-DOS beyond 2.0. This program will also work under all versions of Windows or OS/2, but the various drivers it's intended to work with might not.




A batch file using ITTSRCHK looks like this:

if errorlevel 3 goto it
if errorlevel 2 goto itune
if errorlevel 1 goto orbitdrv
itune load

Current Status

Just finished first version. Minimally tested. Use at your own risk.

The current released version is 1.0, released December 10, 2003.


2003-12-09 I re-read the InstantTune user manual by Anthony Monteiro, AA2TX, and realized that a batch file that could be run twice safely would be better than a batch file that would screw things up.

Known Bugs



ITTSRCHK maybe distributed and used freely under terms similar to the BSD license. See the source code for legalese.

Source Code

Source code in C for Microsoft C 6.00 is included. Compile with:

cl /W4 ittsrchk.c


DRVSVC.TXT - programmer's specification for the KCT software interface

INTSPEC.TXT - programmer's specification for the interfaces used by OrbitDRV

KCT-passthru - programmer's specification for KCT TSR extensions (NOT followed by ITTSRCHCK 1.0)


ITTSRCHK 1.0 (zip file, 9K)

Copyright 2003 Paul Williamson. Comments to