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ITSORT is a companion program for InstantTrack. InstantTrack doesn't provide any way to rearrange the satellites in its database of up to 200 sets of Keplerian elements. This program solves that problem in a unique way. It lets you use the power of your own favorite text editor.

First, you run ITSORT, and it creates a file named SATNAMES.LST containing all the names of the satellites in the current InstantTrack database. Then, you edit SATNAMES.LST to arrange the satellites the way you want them. Last, you run ITSORT again, and it incorporates your changes into the InstantTrack database.

ITSORT is a DOS command-line program that runs in text (TTY) mode.

System Requirements

To run ITSORT, any environment capable of running simple well-behaved text mode MS-DOS programs, including all versions of MS-DOS, Windows, OS/2, and many emulation environments.

To make sense, though, you also need to be able to run InstantTrack on the same machine. See the InstantTrack system requirements.




C:\IT>edit satnames.lst     

Current Status

Stable. No current development plans. The current released version is 1.04, released March 12, 1990.


Known Bugs



ITSORT maybe distributed freely and may be used freely for non-commercial purposes only. Modified versions must be labeled as such.

Source Code

Source code in C is included. It has been compiled with Microsoft C 5.1 and Borland Turbo C 2.0. Porting to other compilers should be easy.


ITSORT.TXT - user manual (plain text, 11K)


ITSORT 1.04 (zip file, 33K)

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