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DUMMYKCT is a DOS TSR (terminate-and-stay-resident) program that simulates an antenna rotator driver compatible with the programming interface defined by the Kansas City Tracker (KCT). This interface allows application programs, especially satellite tracking programs such as InstantTrack, to control a two-axis antenna rotator without needing to know any details of the hardware. When it sees a command to set the current azimuth and elevation, DUMMYKCT displays the values in the upper right corner of the computer's text screen. There is also a version called ROTORDUM that doesn't even do that.

System Requirements

To run DISPANG, any environment capable of running an MS-DOS TSR program is required. This includes all versions of MS-DOS beyond 2.0, Windows, and OS/2. Because this program doesn't interface to any actual rotator control hardware, it will work in some environments where a real RotorDRV won't.




The annotated screen shot below shows InstantTrack 1.54 running in realtime text mode with DUMMYKCT installed.

Current Status

Stable. No current development plans. The current released version is unnumbered, released October 22, 1989.



Known Bugs



DUMMYKCT and ROTORDUM may be distributed freely and may be used freely.

Source Code

Source code in assembly language for Microsoft MASM 5.1 is included for each version.

Build DUMMYKCT.COM this way:

masm dummykct;
link dummykct;
exe2bin dummykct,dummykct.com
del dummykct.exe

Ignore the "no stack segment" warning from LINK. That's normal for a .COM file.


README.TXT - there is no user manual (plain text, <1K)

DRVSVC.TXT - programmer's specification for the KCT software interface


DUMMYKCT (zip file, 5K)

Copyright 2002 Paul Williamson. Comments to kb5mu@amsat.org