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CDMA Cellular Phones

If you had an early CDMA cellular phone, chances are good that some of its software was written by me and my (former) colleagues at Qualcomm. I retired in 2000, so I don't know if any of that code is still in modern phones.


InstantTrack is probably the best satellite tracking program (what's that?) ever written for the MS-DOS environment. Originally released in 1989 by Franklin Antonio, N6NKF, after over a year of vigorous development, the program stagnated at version 1.00 until Y2K bugs forced an update release. I created the first maintenance release, version 1.50, with the Y2K bugs fixed, some new features taken from Franklin's post-1.00 beta development, and some new features of my own. Few people were buying new DOS programs by 2000, but well over a thousand people purchased the upgrade, raising a tidy sum for AMSAT. Minor development continued sporadically, with post-1.50 upgrades released for open beta testing. Version 1.55 is the current (and possibly final) version.

Accessories for InstantTrack

ITPASS InstantTrack Satellite Pass Table Generator
ITSORT InstantTrack Database Reordering Tool
ITSTAMP InstantTrack Timestamped Log Annotator

Satellite Programs

DISPANG RotorDRV TSR add-on to display az/el angles too
DUMMYKCT RotorDRV TSR to just display az/el angles
FlipAnts RotorDRV TSR add-on to "flip" antennas over
KCT-EC2 RotorDRV TSR to EasyComm 2 serial protocol adapter
ITTSRCHK InstantTrack TSR Installation Checker
KCTGS232 RotorDRV TSR to Yaesu GS-232 serial protocol adapter
NASAWASH 2-line Keplerian Elements file cleaner-upper
RangeRate demo Example of how to get OrbitDRV's Doppler info
Sat Education News Tracker mods Some bug fixes for a simple satellite tracking program available in source code form for educational purposes
WOD2CSV AO-40 WOD (Whole Orbit Data) to comma-separated values file format converter
Mac Vocalizer for PREDICT Speech synthesis utility for KD2BD's PREDICT tracking program under Mac OS X

Packet Radio Programs

KISS2ASC KISS binary AX.25 packet log to ASCII pseudo-MONitor format converter
KISSFILT KISS binary AX.25 packet log filter

Online Web Toys

Gridsquare Conversion Grid locator to/from latitude/longitude converter

Digital Photography Tools

New C1 PRO Session AppleScript to wrap a Capture One session around an image folder

Ancient History

Patch for DU My first (?) Usenet posting, offering a source code patch (1987)

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