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These days I'm putting personal snapshots on Flickr and on the Cameraphone Edition or the main blog of Must Be Art.

Here are the older archives:

2006-12At First Night Austin
2006-05Julie's Plan 2 Graduation
2006-05Julie's Government Graduation
2006-03Martha and Paul's Eclipse Cruise
2005-12First Night Austin
2005-09MonstIR Problems at N6KI
2005-09MonstIR Debug at N6KI
2005-07Crashed Magna
2005-05Megan's Graduation
2005-03Studio Session for eGlideGoodies
2005-03Pat Modifying a Door
2004-11Kristy's Thesis Show
2004-08Final Stucco
2004-08Diving for a Dropped Knife
2004-07Ellen's 50th Birthday Party
2004-06N6KI VHF Contest at Point Loma
2004-04Z4 Trip Travelogue
2003-12Christmas 2003
2003-12Martha's PhD Graduation
2003-11Editing a Body of Work
2003-11CW Sweepstakes at W6KP
2003-09Sea Q Cruise
2003-04Laughlin Motorcycle Tour
2003-03Black Vent Studio Session
2002-12Christmas Eve 2002
2002-11Space Symposium Trip
2002-11Split Rock Hike
2002-10Iron Mountain
2002-05Kristy's Graduation
2002-01Motorcycle Swap Meet
2001-12Long Beach Motorcycle Show
2001-10Visit to Texas
2001-09Utility Trenching
2001-06PARC Field Day, June 2001
2001-06Before and After Megan's Graduation, May/June 2001
2001-05Megan's Graduation Dinner, May 2001
2001-05San Diego Zoo, May 2001
2001-05Wild Animal Park, May 2001
2001-05Palomar Observatory, May 2001
2001-05Visit to Seaworld, May 2001
2001-01McDonald Observatory, January 2001
2001-01Dance Clinic, January 2001
2001-01Snow at Fern Meadow, January 2001
2000-08BMW K1200LT, August 2000
2000-07New Saddle for the Magna, July 2000
2000-07Pismo Beach, July 2000 - Dawson Saddle
2000-07Pismo Beach, July 2000 - Mt. Wilson Summit
2000-07Pismo Beach, July 2000 - Cambria, California
2000-07Pismo Beach, July 2000 - Dune Park Tour
2000-07Pismo Beach, July 2000 - Day 1
2000-06UK Trip, June 2000
2000-01Neat-ish Workshop, January 2000
1999-12Even More from Palomar, December 1999
1999-12Upper Meadow by Land Cruiser, December 1999
1999-12Views of Upper Meadow Lot 5, December 1999
1999-05Ellen's PhD Graduation, 1999
1999-??Ellen, Julie, and Paul's California Trip 1999
1998-12Martha's Master's Graduation, December 1998
1998-05Kristy's High School Graduation, May 1998
1998-04Orange, April 20 - 25, 1998
1998-04Sounds from the house in Orange
1998Colorado Trip 1998
1998-04Easter 1998
1997-12Christmas 1997
1997-08Japan/Hawaii Trip 1997
1996-12Christmas 1996
1985Old Film 1985

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