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Short Subjects

2013-08Wood Fragment
2013-08Buddha Lemon
2011-04Condo Construction Site
2010-08Mt. Laguna Ruins
2010-05Carmel Valley Underpass
2010-02Broken Fence, Carmel Valley
2009-04Del Mar Fair Entries
2009-03El Centro Air Show
2009-01Near the Ground at Balboa Park
2008-10Street Corner Vines
2008-08Leaves in the Gutter
2008-07Around Red Home
2008-07Mira Mesa Fireworks
2007-08State Park Road
2007-04Allsopp Park
2007-04Red Waddler Hog Farm
2007-04Little Rock Riverfront
2007-02Walk: Marian R. Bear Memorial Park
2007-02Tri-Triptych Assignment
2006-12First Night Austin
2006-11Mother Goose Parade
2006-10Fall Colors in San Diego
2006-10Pismo Beach
2006-09Chair Lift Graveyard
2006-07Details in La Jolla
2006-05White Sands
2006-05Very Large Array
2006-05Arches National Park
2006-05Kodachrome Basin
2006-05Bryce Canyon
2006-05Bryce Canyon Rim
2006-04Wings Over Gillespie
2005-12Antarctica Expedition
2005-10Boo! Parade
2005-10Miramar Air Show
2005-09Carmel Mountain Road Construction
2005-09San Dieguito Lagoon
2005-06USS Midway
2005-05Del Mar Fair Entries
2005-05San Antonio Botanical Garden
2005-04Wings Over Gillespie
2005-04Studio Noodling
2005-04Crystal Pier Construction
2005-04Ocean Beach
2005-04Spruce Street Pedestrian Bridge
2005-04Beach Runners
2005-04La Jolla Children's Pool
2005-04Old Town
2005-03Safety Glass
2005-03La Jolla
2005-02Carts of Clairemont
2005-02Old Town San Diego
2005-02Anza Borrego
2005-02Pacific Beach
2004-10Mission Trails Regional Park (Wet)
2004-10Little Italy Street Festa
2004-09Old Mission Dam
2004-06Bald Hill to Fitton Green
2004-06Oregon Coast Sunspot
2004-06Gualala Beach
2004-05Valley Center Rodeo
2004-05Mount Soledad
2004-05San Juan Capistrano
2004-05Blue Sky Reserve
2004-04Chaco Culture NHP
2004-04Ferry M/V Fort Fisher
2004-04Carolina State Beach
2004-04Blackrock Summit
2004-04James River
2004-04Otter Creek
2004-04Peaks of Otter
2004-04Quarry Overlook
2004-04Sunset at Milepost 270
2004-04Along the Tanawha Trail
2004-04Grandfather Mountain
2004-04Linville Falls
2004-04Balsam Nature Trail
2004-04Mt. Mitchell Summit
2004-04Icicles on the Blue Ridge Parkway
2004-04Great Smoky Mountains Railroad
2004-03Paris Mountain
2004-03Greenville, SC
2004-03Around the Neighborhood
2004-03Mission Trails Regional Park (B&W)
2004-02Cowles Mountain
2004-01Backlot Balboa Park
2004-01A Walk in Houston Heights
2003-12Cockrell Butterfly Center
2003-12Seen at Graduation
2003-12Body of Work Project
2003-11Former Orchard, Valley Center, CA
2003-11Tree at Balboa Park
2003-10Miramar Air Show
2003-10Costa Verde Construction
2003-10Upper Meadow Construction
2003-10Sorrento Valley Overcrossing 2
2003-10Little Italy Festa
2003-09Balboa Park
2003-09Sorrento Valley Overcrossing
2003-09PHOTOsynthesis Portrait Workshop
2003-09Mt. Wilson
2003-09The Huntington
2003-08Downtown San Diego
2003-07Del Mar Fair
2003-07Wedgwood Spill (still life)
2003-07Mira Mesa Fireworks, July 4
2003-07Julian Independence Day Parade
2003-06La Jolla
2003-05Valley Center Rodeo
2003-05Fern Meadow Starscape
2003-03Torrey Pines State Reserve
2003-03Mud Caves
2003-03Santa Rosa Plateau
2003-02Goodan Ranch
2003-02San Diego Zoo
2003-01SuperBowl Saturday aboard the Sea Q
2003-01Crystal Pier
2003-01Valley of Fire State Park
2002-12Butterflies at HMNS
2002-10Miramar Air Show
2002-06Boucher Lookout
2002-05Wings Over Gillespie air show
2002-04Yuma Air Show
2002-01Hiking Trip
2002-01Bumper Cars
2001-10Two Wheels Only
2001-09Las Vegas
2001-06Del Mar Fair
2001-06A Walk to the P.O.
2001-05Visit to San Diego
2001-04Observed Trials Exhibition
2001-03A Walk to the Summit
2001-02Snow on the Upper Meadow
2000-10Miramar Air Show
1999-08Cabrillo Monument
1999-03Balboa Park
1999-02A Visit to Tokyo
1998-11La Jolla Shoreline
1998-10Vicksburg National Military Park
1998-09Belmont Park


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