Before and After

clown-before.jpg (22055 bytes)space_10.gif (44 bytes)clown-after.jpg (19923 bytes)

The shrouds of mystery ripped away from the creation of my image Becoming Clown.

On the left is the original scan, unmanipulated except for reduction in size and conversion to JPEG format.  On the right is a smaller copy of the final work for comparison.

The comparison is not fair.  I could show an intermediate result in which the full-color image is cleaned up but not manipulated.  Oh, alright, since you insist:

clown-between.jpg (23148 bytes)

I also tried a version where I removed the color only from the T-shirt, which is the only place you can be certain it isn't natural.  I didn't like that effect at all, it called too much attention to the T-shirt.  I didn't save that one, so I can't show it to you here.

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