Del Mar Fair 2001

June 26, 2001

By popular request, you can click on these to see bigger ones.

Coming in the gate I came in, the first thing you run into is the Arena, where they were having little kids try to ride calves. The two cowboys above were standing guard, as were a bunch of other cowboys on foot.

This kid didn't stay on very long. It's amazing that every kid doesn't get trampled, but apparently the injury rate is acceptably low.

The flowers at the flower show are pretty but not very photogenically displayed, so I didn't take any good ones.

One of the attractions on the midway is roasted corn.

There were lots of displays of schoolkids' work, such as this woodworking display.

Can you identify this machine (above and below)?

Hint. Answer.

Various musical groups were playing on various stages.

This represents the extensive commercial exhibits. People would actually sit and watch the cooking demonstrations.

Then there were the animals. It was feeding time.

Copyright 2001 Paul Williamson.