Photo Essay: Belmont Park

San Diego, California, September 27, 1998

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Belmont Park is a beachfront park in the Pacific Beach area of San Diego, featuring The Giant Dipper wooden roller coaster dating from 1925.  Above is a long view of the Dipper, seen from partway across the lawn of Belmont Park.  The beach is behind the Dipper from this angle.

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Looking up at the north tower of the Dipper, from near the street corner.

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View from the west.

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Oh, there's a beach, too.  Here's a lifeguard hanging out on his platform.

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If you have a beach, you have to have a boardwalk.  And where there's a boardwalk, there are beach cruisers, like this dude with the high-rise handlebars.

FirePatrol.jpg (99134 bytes)

This is one of a fleet of radio-controlled boats you can drive around the pool (for a fee).  The reflections in the water are of the Giant Dipper.

TrampolineThing.jpg (36221 bytes)  

The Trampoline Thing.  The guy is the customer, and the girl is one of the operators.  The harness hangs from two bungee cords suspended from one tower on each side of a trampoline. The girl bounces with you and then lets go at a strategic moment, sending you shooting into the air.  The harness is rigged with swivels so you can do flips, if you're coordinated enough.  The action is pretty fast; I didn't really mean to cut off the guy's head.

Technical: Canon Elan IIe body with Canon 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 EF IS zoom lens, handheld.   Fujichrome Velvia slide film. Scanned from the slide on a Nikon LS-2000 scanner. Cropping, color adjustment, and touch-up using Paint Shop Pro 5 and Adobe Photoshop LE 4.0.

Copyright 1998 Paul Williamson.  All Rights Reserved.