Cabrillo Monument, August 15, 1999

This tour had two excuses: go somewhere on the motorcycle, and try shooting some panoramas with the digital camera. Both excuses worked out well enough.

Bigger (1000 pixels wide, 89K) -or- Really, Really Big (9024 pixels, 4.8M)

This is the view from the parking lot, looking toward Naval Air Station North Island. At the right edge of the image, you can see part of the visitor's center.


Bigger (1000 pixels wide, 71K) -or- Really, Really Big (10819 pixels, 4.7M)

This is looking roughly the same direction, from the viewing balcony of the visitor's center.

A random kid at the coin-op telescope.

The ranger gave historical talks at various places in the park. I didn't stop to listen.

The old lighthouse on the top of the cliff is the main attraction. It's very picturesque, but putting the lighthouse on top of the cliff wasn't that bright an idea (pun intended). When the fog comes in, it really socks in the cliff.

The new lighthouse is right on the beach, where it can actually work. Looking down on it from the whale-watching overlook.

Here's the whale-watching overlook.

Whales weren't always the subject of interest for watchers on this cliff. This is a gun emplacement for coastal defense.

Technical: Nikon CP-950 digital camera, LivePicture PhotoVista for the panoramas, Photoshop.

Copyright 1999 Paul Williamson.