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Forgive me. I can't bring myself to edit this collection down to a reasonable size. Hey, it started out as over 500 pictures. I got it down to 86.

I think I got most of the event names right, but I'm no rodeo expert. This was my first one.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

Opening Ceremony

209T6084 209T6086 209T6088 209T6092 209T6093

Mutton Busting

209T6096 209T6099 209T6101 209T6102 209T6105 209T6109

Calf Roping

209T6111 209T6114 209T6121 209T6125 209T6129 209T6153

Bull Riding

209T6160 209T6162 209T6166 209T6168 209T6172 209T6178 209T6181

Breakaway Calf Roping

209T6185 209T6203

Calf Dressing


Steer Wrestling


Team Roping

209T6245 209T6251 209T6259


209T6265 209T6266 209T6268 209T6269 209T6272

Barrel Racing

209T6287 209T6288 209T6294 209T6308 209T6309 209T6312 209T6314 209T6317 209T6324 209T6325 209T6339 209T6349 209T6354

Bull Riding

209T6359 209T6370 209T6373 209T6383 209T6385

Sunday, May 25, 2003

Bull Riding

209T6394 209T6395 209T6399 209T6400 209T6407 209T6408 209T6413 209T6415

Breakaway Calf Roping

209T6417 209T6418 209T6419 209T6427 209T6431

Calf Dressing


Steer Wrestling

209T6448 209T6450 209T6456 209T6457 209T6458 209T6459

Less Than 10 Gallons


Saddle Bronc

209T6491 209T6493 209T6498

Barrel Racing

209T6512 209T6515 209T6518 209T6526 209T6531 209T6534 209T6551

Bull Riding


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