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Bangedy bang bang

January 25, 2003, Paul DeCicco invited me for a cruise aboard his 30-foot sailboat, the Sea Q, to shoot some photos from the harbor using my new Canon EOS 1Ds digital SLR. We had an afternoon sail, then went out again in the evening to catch the fireworks show (part of the SuperBowl hoopla). The weather wasn't great for sailing or for photography, but I caught a few shots I think are interesting. Shooting fireworks from a sailboat is a challenge.

The shot above is unfortunately full size. It's an extreme crop of a frame that's mostly blank; no nearby fireworks went off during the exposure.

As a medium for demonstrating the capabilities of the 1Ds, the web is sadly lacking. All the images below have been greatly reduced in size and horribly mangled with JPEG compression, compared to the originals, even though some of them were cropped. The prints are very nice.

Copyright 2003, Paul Williamson.