InstantTrack version 1.50 Released!

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Version 1.55 now in open beta testing.

InstantTrack is a satellite tracking program (what's that?) for PC compatibles running DOS or other environments for DOS programs (including Windows).

InstantTrack has been a favorite of many amateur radio satellite operators since the introduction of version 1.00 in 1989. Here are some of the reasons why:

This new version for 2000 enhances InstantTrack without changing the things that made InstantTrack so popular. Here's what's new:

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InstantTrack is not freeware or shareware. InstantTrack is distributed by AMSAT organizations world-wide as a fund-raiser. 100% of proceeds from InstantTrack go to support the amateur radio satellite program. Please don't distribute unlicensed copies of InstantTrack.

InstantTrack 1.00 was written by Franklin Antonio, N6NKF, with some components contributed by Paul Williamson, KB5MU. InstantTrack 1.50 was created by KB5MU, based on a post-1.00 beta version created by N6NKF but never released. Both authors gratefully acknowledge the help of numerous volunteers who assisted with beta testing each release.

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