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(Moo!) In November 2002, I flew to Fort Worth, Texas to attend the AMSAT Space Symposium. After the Symposium, I spent a week or so visiting with my sister Martha and eldest niece Kristy. I left the big camera at home, but carried the Canon S110 along most of the time. These are a few of the pictures I took.

Martha and I went up to Lake Murray near Ardmore, Oklahoma, to "camp" in a luxury cabin and hike in the woods around the lake. Here we are on the first day, crossing a bridge over a small stagnant branch of the lake.

Another view of the wetlands.

I was likin' this rock.

There was a lot more hiking, and much of it was probably photogenic enough, but I didn't stop often to take pictures. It wouldn't have captured the essence of the experience, anyway.

After our hiking trip, Martha had to spend a couple of days at work, so Kristy took over the task of entertaining me. Here we're at The Science Place making soap bubbles.

Three colored lamps were shining on this wall for the express purpose of making hand shadows.

Step into the triangle of mirrors, and try to figure out where all those reflections are coming from.

The Infinity Mirror was much simpler, just two big mirrors on opposite walls of an otherwise-empty hallway.

In the Health exhibit, these microscopes were set up to view a few prepared slides.

A modified wheelchair was set up in a small corner of the room with ramps, a door, a pay phone, and a few other items to help us appreciate the issues of accessibility. Here I'm turning around to go back up the ramp I came down, and shut the door I'd left ajar behind me. Going uphill is tricky. It was hard not to cheat with my legs.

Martha's friend's husband was performing with his community band at this early holiday celebration in Southlake.

After visiting the Pulitzer Prize photo exhibit at the Sixth Floor Museum (yes, at Dealey Plaza), where photography was prohibited, we walked around a bit and wound up at City Hall. Aside from the upside-down architecture by I.M. Pei, the big attraction there is a herd of forty or so bronze longhorns, complete with bronze cowboys to keep them on the straight and narrow.

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