Pre-Purchase Snapshots

Taken at 20681 State Park Road, Palomar Mountain, on September 23, 2000.

The pool.

Wood stove in the living room.

Bonnie is opening the blinds.

The view from the living room. The little outbuilding houses the fire hydrant (standpipe).

Looking from the wood stove toward the rear of the house. The back room with the chandelier is nominally the formal dining room.

On the back porch behind the dining room, looking under one of the balconies.

Looking off the other side of the back porch. You can see the cracked boards. The white pipes are vents from the furnace. The lower window is the room behind the garage.

The pool seen from another balcony.

Looking down the driveway from that balcony. The chain-link fence is a dog run. There's the standpipe shed again. The right branch of the driveway is dirt.

  Looking across the front of the house from the same balcony.

Looking toward the rear of the house from the same place. The door opens into the laundry room, and the large window is the kitchen.

Here's the hookups in the laundry room. Looks like there are both gas (propane) and electric hookups.

Sink in the laundry room. This door is typical of the interior doors. I think they are a little bit wider than standard.

The family room. You can see the place is well equipped with power outlets, telephone outlets, and TV antenna jacks.

Inside the two-car garage.

The room behind the garage houses the furnace and access to the crawl space.

The water heater is inside the garage.

Unfinished stairs from the garage to the main level.

One of the downstairs bedrooms.

The other downstairs bedroom.

The master bedroom closet, billed as possibly the largest on the mountain. Oh boy.

Corner of the master bedroom.

Back wall of the master bedroom.

View to the right from the master bedroom's balcony.

View to the left from the master bedroom's balcony.

Master bath.

Looking down into the living room from outside the master suite's door. Across the way those two dark openings are just little alcoves, for no obvious purpose. Below them you can see the kitchen passthru.

Small bedroom upstairs, or potential space to expand the master bath.

The other upstairs bedroom. No closet in this one, so maybe it's a bonus room.

Same room, other angle.

Looking back toward the master suite door from the railing in front of one of the alcoves. If you go all the way around to the other end of the railing, the volume behind the blank wall is a funny-shaped unfinished room. Storage now, or maybe a kid's room or compact office.

View from the dog run back to the house.

A closer look at the pool enclosure.

The pool looking back toward the enclosure door.

The pool machinery.

There is quite a bit of forest.

Here's a fine old oak tree right in the back yard.

The rear of the house.

The dog run.

The water tank, which is maybe 150 feet from the house on the high point of the property. The telephone pole at the right is where the overhead lines on the side street end. I believe the power runs underground from here to the house.

Real estate agent Bonnie added to the picture for scale.

Pipes running into and out of the tank.

The driveway as seen from the side street. Those are apple trees, heavy with not-quite-ripe apples at the moment.

Here's the well. It's just barely on the property according to the latest survey. It's some tens of feet off the property according to the older consensus boundaries. It's in the orchard of Bonnie's house, as it happens.

Another trip, September 30, 2000 ... after dark.

The kitchen, seen from the door. The exceedingly ugly pink blinds are all the way up to minimize the pink effect. To the left of the island you can see where the flooring is coming up. You can also see how the installers ran the vinyl flooring right up the walls, which is probably a very practical arrangement (but not very attractive).

The kitchen (without flash) from in front of the sink looking back toward the door. You can see the spot for the fridge, and to the right of that is the passthru into the living room.

From in front of the kitchen desk, again the fridge space and the passthru are visible.

Lots of storage. There's even an outlet in the appliance barn in the corner at counter level.

Lazy susans in the corner below counter level. Pull-out shelves in the lower cabinet next to it. Barely visible here is a pull-out cutting board.

Copyright 2000 Paul Williamson.