The Williamson House
on Palomar Mountain

20681 State Park Road
Palomar Mountain, CA  92060

(This is not a mailing address. I have a P.O. Box.)

3 bedrooms (officially), 2.5 bathrooms, 3370 square feet.

On the property boundary drawing above, sizes are shown in feet and line orientations are shown in degrees, minutes, and seconds "true". At the bottom tip, the lowest line represents the centerline of State Park Road, and the extra line just above it represents the edge of the road. The total area is 6.88 acres.

Above is a rough overlay of a portion of the county tract map on top of the USGS topo map. The property is just below the center, marked with a "5" and a circled "5". The topo lines indicate that the highest point on the property (the northeast corner) is at about 5430 ft elevation, and the lowest point (the southwest corner) is at about 5270 ft.

The curvy road that runs from the upper left to the lower right is a portion of State Park Road. The branch that goes north from State Park  Road near the right edge of the map is Bailey Meadow Road.

The big red "9" in the center is the section number. The purple double-dashed line that touches the "9" seems to correspond to Fern Meadow Road. This seems to indicate that Fern Meadow Road actually hits State Park Road on Fred Stearns' property, the lot to the southwest of mine marked with a circled "7". This seems to match the legal description, which includes a road easement on the eastern 40 feet of that property.

Recent History of the Property

Derived from public records on file with San Diego County.

January 5, 1897
Owner grants an easement to the County for what is now State Park Road.
October 31, 1988
Forest S. McKinley and Pearl L. McKinley transfer ownership to themselves as trustees of a trust dated May 1, 1978.
March 14, 1989
Subdivision Map #12334 recorded.
March 17, 1989
Covenants, conditions and restrictions recorded for the subdivision.
April 3, 1989
Forest S. McKinley or Pearl L. McKinley, co-trustees, sell to John J. Pasek and Sylvia M. Pasek.
October 25, 1990
John Joseph Pasek, Jr., falls to his death while working on the house.
July 12, 1991
Sylvia M. Pasek sells to Charles L. Springer and Heather G. Springer.
October 10, 1991
Charles L. Springer and Heather G. Springer transfer ownership to the Springer Family Trust
November 11, 2000 (est)
Springer Family Trust sells to Paul T. Williamson

Copyright 2000 Paul Williamson.