Visitors at Fern Meadow

March 15, 2001

I was just walking through the living room when I spied this gal in the back yard, munching on the weeds. It turns out there were at least three of them, but I only spotted this one at first. After she spotted me, she fled up the hill a few dozen feet, but quickly realized that I was harmless. I was still inside, shooting through the (dirty) glass door. She hesitantly came partway back down, and stood there watching me for quite a while.

They eventually wandered off up the hill, toward the front of the house. The views from the available windows were obstructed by brush. So I decided to try going quietly out the front door to see if I could get a clear shot. The deer were too far up the hill by then, but I did find a new visitor:

This one was even less concerned about me than the deer were. I was on the elevated front porch. He walked right past and down the side of the house.

The visitor I was expecting and waiting for, the FedEx delivery man, never did show up.

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Canon EOS D30 digital camera, Canon 28-135IS zoom, heavy cropping
Copyright 2001 Paul Williamson.