Dawson Saddle

July 4, 2000

After visiting the summit of Mt. Wilson, I still had some mountains to cross. The highest pass was Dawson Saddle at nearly 8000 feet above sea level.

Parked again. The signs prohibiting fireworks were in evidence everywhere I went.

Nice view. You can see the flatlands from here, but there are still many miles of twisty mountain road to traverse between here and there.

Documentation shot. Dawson Saddle, elevation 7901 feet. I guess this barn probably holds a snowplow or some other road maintenance gear. There are no other buildings for miles around.

The saddle itself.

This grows at altitude. What is it?

Looking down the road. The bike is visible on the left.

Looking down on treetops. Don't stand too close to the edge!

There's the road just ahead, but across a canyon.

Copyright 2000 Paul Williamson. kb5mu@amsat.org