San Diego Packet Radio Association

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SANDPAC, the San Diego Packet Radio Association, was organized on May 21, 1986, out of the informal San Diego packet group, and faded into the woodwork sometime in the mid-1990's, after packet radio had become so mainstream that a special interest club for packet no longer drew much interest.

SANDPAC was affiliated with ARRL and SANDARC.

Founding officers were:

President KB5MU Paul Williamson
Executive VP WA2VFN Ken McGuire
Technical VP WB6HHV Mike Brock
Secretary WD6FPY (sk) Bill Johnson
Treasurer K1CT Bill Calderwood
Director WA2QMI Barry Gershenfeld
Director KA6IQA Tom Lafleur

The logo, shown above, was chosen from the entries in a logo contest and adopted on August 12, 1986. The winning entry was submitted by Paul Williamson, KB5MU, who also provided this explanation.

SANDPAC members Mike Brock, WB6HHV, Franklin Antonio, N6NKF, and Tom Lafleur, KA6IQA, published A High Performance Packet Switch at the ARRL 6th Computer Networking Conference in 1987. This paper describes the PS-186, a high-speed multiport packet switch designed to support data rates up to 1 Mbit/second. Ten units were manufactured and shipped to developers. The design was provided to AEA (now defunct) but was never brought to market. Sigh.

Here are a couple of SANDPAC newsletters I have handy. I have paper copies of most (all?) other issues if anybody cares.

Beginning with the TAPR TNC beta test in 1982/1983, the San Diego packet group held a weekly net on FM simplex (voice) under the leadership of WB6HHV. This net was the main rallying point for packet radio in San Diego, and was my first contact into the organization when I moved to San Diego in 1984. The net was moved to the Palomar Amateur Radio Club's 146.73 MHz repeater in October 1985, with KB5MU as net control. I continued to run the net weekly until May 1996, when it was disbanded for lack of interest.