Neat-ish Workshop

After straightening the workshop on January 22, 2000, I realized this was an historic occasion. So I decided to record the event. Here we have three regular pictures, plus an interactive panorama. You may need to download a plug-in to view the panorama.

A view from the door of the workbench side of the shop. Artifacts from left to right include an old dead oscilloscope (purchased at a swap meet for the P7 phosphor tube), parts of an AEA Isopole antenna, a bicycle wheel truing stand, a drill press, Martha's kids office chair, a red shop vac, a big plastic storage tub full of darkroom stuff from Orange, and an old cordless phone relegated to workshop duty.

A view from the door of the opposite side. Artifacts include a hand truck, a wall-mounted can crusher, empty blue tubs used for Field Day expeditions, another big tub of darkroom stuff from Orange, an exercise bike in like-new barely-used condition (aren't they all?), parts of a drafting table, a bicycle service stand, the chemical cabinet from Orange, a bicycle helmet, two wooden boxes from New Jersey via Orange, and that old oscilloscope again.

A view from outside (at night).

OK, here's the panorama:

Copyright 2000 Paul Williamson.