Even More Pictures from Palomar

On December 5, we went trespassing on a nice high ridge. This is the view from there. Note that this is a wide-angle panorama, the view is more than 180 degrees wide.

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Turning around, facing north, this is some of what you see. The arrow is pointing at the Hale Telescope (that's the big one), almost invisible against the sky. The other little white blob (below the peak) is another largish telescope at the observatory. You can also see a few of the burned trees in the foreground.

Ridge-North.jpg (30837 bytes)

Another art tree.

Art-tree.jpg (60633 bytes)

On December 12, I heard there was snow on the mountain. Envisioning the meadow beautifully carpeted in white, I drove up to see it and photograph it. I was too late; this is what I found.

the-snow.jpg (108968 bytes)

There was a bit of snow left on the shaded spots, like the access road to the north.

snowy-road.jpg (71760 bytes)

It was one small step for me.

One-small-step.jpg (71412 bytes)

So the trip wouldn't be a total loss, I took images for this panorama. The red lines indicate the boundaries of the property I'd have if my offer for all three lots goes through. This is about 270 degrees of view, seen from the middle of the cul-de-sac.

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