Upper Meadow by Land Cruiser

December 4, 1999

The Land Cruiser is parked at the end of the cul de sac. In this picture, the house site for Lot 5 is immediately in front of the trees that are behind the truck. The truck looks a bit darker in this picture than it appears in real life, because it's in a shadow.

The Lot 5 house site is right in front of the trees at the right edge of this picture.

The Lot 6 house site is behind the tall tree growing out of the truck's roof.

A long shot to get more of the Land Cruiser in.

The trees on the left side of this picture are on Lot 4.

Here's the view from about 6 feet up on the house site of Lot 6. If you look carefully you can see some of San Diego in the far distance, where the horizon dips low enough. From a second story window or balcony, more would be visible. This picture is exposed for the distances, so the winter-killed bracken fern looks much darker than it really is.

This is the view from the Lot 6 house site, or maybe a little west of it, up onto Lots 3 and 4. Tom Reed's barn is visible in this picture, but not very obvious.

Here's what the Lot 6 view would look like if I could put the house in the best view location.

Looking down (up?) the road. This view includes some of Lots 4, 5, and 6.

This is an attempt to simulate the view from Lot 4. I'm standing a few feet onto Lot 3, which puts me a few feet higher than ground level on Lot 4's building site, but in the same line of view. Once again, you can see some of San Diego at the horizon. You can see Reed's (Lot 3's) driveway in the foreground.

This shot doesn't quite capture the dramatic sunset lighting on the small tree (which is on Lot 3).

This is what happens to a half-full plastic bottle of water when it's carried from the mountaintop to my house near sea level. The air is noticeably thinner up there.

Copyright 1999, Paul Williamson. kb5mu@amsat.org