Sounds from Orange

Each sound is available as a RealAudio file (reasonably small). RealAudio players are available free from Real.

The original WAV files (enormous but better fidelity) are available on request.

All the RA files (1.2 megabyte zip file)

Attic Stairs RA
Back Door RA
bathroom_fan.jpg (3314 bytes) RA
pink_bathroom.jpg (6314 bytes) RA Opening

RA Closing

bread_box.jpg (3873 bytes) RA
Broom Closet RA #1
RA #2
Buffet Drawer RA
darkroom_sink.jpg (7556 bytes) RA #1

RA #2

front_door.jpg (7037 bytes) RA
Hall Clomp RA #1
RA #2
Hall Shuffle RA
Hall Closet Door RA
oven_and_broiler.jpg (5780 bytes) RA Oven

RA Oven
and Broiler

Rear Doorbell RA
Scissors Drawer RA
Server Drawer RA
silverware_drawer.jpg (3319 bytes) RA
Kitchen Sink Squeal RA #1
RA #2

Sounds recorded by Mark and Kathy and Ellen. RA conversion and web page by Paul.