Ellen's PhD Graduation

Unfortunately the challenge of getting good pictures in the dimly-lighted auditorium from the upper balcony seats we had exceeded the capabilities of my equipment. A superfast long lens (and a pack mule to carry it) would have helped. I did have fast film, which I had "push" processed to make it even faster.

Setting the scene ...

01.jpg (24123 bytes)

All the rest of the stage pictures are really this big. The views below are magnified after scanning.

Ellen's hood carriage style gets touched up by professor yellowstripe.

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The lady in red preps the hood as Ellen approaches.

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This is, I believe, an ancient ritual of submission. The master is offered one last opportunity to strangle the student before allowing her to graduate.

Congratulations as she crosses the stage.

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Congratulations as she prepares to leave the stage.

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OK, finally we're out of that dim auditorium.

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Megan isn't really that short. She's bending her knees.

A little of that old-time defacement ...

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Ellen is now qualified to hold up the U.T. Tower with just two fingers.

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Maximum Occupancy: 5

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