Dallas, December 1998

Here are some snapshots from Dallas, on the event of Martha's graduation with her Master's.

Suitcase Prayer.jpg (65705 bytes)

Here's Julie praying to the suitcase god.  In the living room, of course.   Where else would you put a suitcase? Valentine supervises.  This one was pretty underexposed, so the colors aren't very realistic.  The purple PJ's do show up pretty well, though.

4 Striders.jpg (49140 bytes)

On the way to the ceremony, most of the non-participants stopped for lunch.   Here's the fashion squad hurrying purposefully through the freezing cold parking lot after lunch.

Master Martha.jpg (55549 bytes)

The Coliseum wasn't a very photography-friendly place, especially without a long telephoto lens.  And we sat on the right/wrong side (as opposed to the left/right side), where we got to see the backs of all the graduates as they walked across the stage.   After the ceremony I ran down to the front of the bleachers to get reasonably close to the graduates as they marched out. Note the tassel on the left!

Julie Reading.jpg (35550 bytes)

There were a number of boring parts in the agenda. Julie came equipped.

Celebration.jpg (72673 bytes)

Some good friends managed to find Martha in the chaos after the ceremony.

Sleeping Beauties.jpg (86220 bytes)

You'd think we had actually exerted ourselves.

On Mom.jpg (91344 bytes)

Flopping space was at a premium. The photographer was too slow to get the picture before being noticed, but the subject was captive.

4 on the couch.jpg (82277 bytes)

Megan and Val.jpg (112644 bytes)

wishling.jpg (70363 bytes)

I'm not exactly sure where this thing came from.  I had to throw this in because it came out better than any of the family snapshots in this batch.

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