Dallas, May 1998:
Kristy's High School Graduation

More snapshots taken with my little Canon ELPH Jr.

Donning the Robes.jpg (37753 bytes)

Here we are in the parking lot, getting Kristy ready to commence.  Unfortunately the ceremony itself wasn't very photogenic, at least for my little point-and-shoot camera from way up in the stands.  I didn't even try to get any pictures of it.

Group Photo - Peets.jpg (70426 bytes)

This isn't the official photo of this pose.  I was standing off to the side and shooting casually.  This is the Peet-side subset of the family present.   Obviously I didn't get any shots of the non-Peet lineup, since I was in it.  I think I had the right idea by getting everybody to face away from the sun in open shade, but trying to use the tree as a background was probably a mistake.

Group Photo Onlookers.jpg (42109 bytes)

Everybody seems to be enjoying the clowning around.

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