Random Photos from Colorado

Actually, these pictures aren't all from Colorado, but they are all from the period of time I spent mostly in Colorado, April through July 1998. These are just the ones I've taken the time to scan so far, so there's really no unifying narrative or theme.

You've heard about this one before. This is the Devil's Backbone, somewhere in between cities north of Boulder. I took two versions of this picture. In one I zoomed in to show only the landscape. In this one I zoomed out a bit to show that I'm looking out the car window. I like the one with the window frame better. It's kinda hard to see in this compressed version, but the off-white thing in the right foreground is a rural-delivery box for the Denver Post. Just about everybody in the non-urban areas I visited has one. The further up in the mountains you get, the bigger they are. I assume that is to allow a week or so of the paper to stack up in the box while you're snowed in a few hundred meters away.

backbone.jpg (13116 bytes)

Here we are at the Boulder Amateur Radio Club's Field Day site. The guy on the right is Chuck, he's trying to make a contact through AMSAT OSCAR 10. The couple looking on is trying to figure out why he's having so much trouble. That's how Field Day goes sometimes.

barc-sat-fd.jpg (22414 bytes)

Here's an art exhibition in the kitchen.

eggs.jpg (51362 bytes)

This is the equipment control room at the semi-abandoned radiotelescope site at Table Mountain. The government is no longer interested in paying the electric bill for this building, so there were no lights inside. It was getting to be close to sunset, so there was precious little light from the filthy windows. This hand-held shot was taken with a shutter speed of about 1/4 second. And this was before I got the magic image-stabilizing lens. I wasn't expecting it to come out at all, much less this sharp. I took two pictures to increase the odds; both of them came out like this.

Some of the equipment you see is part of the original radiotelescope installation. Most of that stuff is in the right-hand rack, with the giant bakelite knobs, and at the top of the left-hand rack, with the giant indicator dials. Those dials are not meters of the common type, but rather selsyn servos slaved to matching servos on the dishes. Most of the rest is off-the-shelf test equipment from a few generations (of test equipment technology) ago.

I see that I didn't think enough of my pictures of the dishes themselves to scan them. I may have to scan one in just for context here. They're huge.

equiprack.jpg (41038 bytes)

This storefront giveaway box is in front of a bookstore in Boulder. It's of special interest to me because one of the things they're giving away is the Denver edition of the ComputorEdge. That's a free computer magazine that's only in San Diego and Denver. My friend Roy writes a column for it, and is an investor. Usually in San Diego it has a rack to itself, in a computer store, and is neatly stacked. In Boulder it is tossed carelessly into a bin with all the other garbage that even the used bookstore doesn't want. I took this picture to razz Roy with.

free-books.jpg (17897 bytes)

Here is the best of the pictures from the software team's party in Boulder celebrating the successful completion of several software releases. Coincidentally, it was also my last day in Boulder. Pictured is Gayathri Chittiappa, who is writing the user interface code for the new phone. She's one of the folks I worked closely with while in Boulder. The croquet game had been crowded out by the dunk tank. In the fuzzy background are the two brand-new volleyball courts.

I also have a version of this in which I've digitally airbrushed out the figures in the background. It doesn't quite look natural. I need to work on my technique.

gayathri.jpg (34570 bytes)

Here's the aforementioned dunk tank, with test lead Pat Japenga getting ready for another swim. She started out with a snorkel, too, but thought better of the flippers before getting into the tank.

pat.jpg (43302 bytes)

Photographically, this picture is hopeless. On-camera flash has just about eliminated any shadow detail. I tried to balance the tones better in several different programs, but there's just not much there. But it is rather a cute silly expression.

pippy.jpg (27412 bytes)

The RX-7 waits for me in a roadside park. Part of my ongoing series featuring the RX-7 in context.

roadside.jpg (34989 bytes)

Another of the series. This is after crossing the mountains around Vail on the way to Boulder from San Diego. That's ice.

rx7-iced.jpg (12343 bytes)

Boy, these are out of order. (Well, they're in alphabetical order by filename, but that's just because I'm too lazy to sort them into logical order right now.) This picture is actually from the party at Qualcomm, but in the front lobby of the building as I was going in for some more film or something. Pictured is Sandy McCann, the secretary who supported me while I was there.

sandy.jpg (23138 bytes)

Wandering around downtown Boulder looking for something photogenic. These mirrored panels are the roof of the entry way to an office building, facing down at about a 45 degree angle. The odd-shaped shiny thing toward the right is exactly that, an odd-shaped shiny thing placed there for aesthetic purposes. That's me pointing the camera up at the reflections. I meant to catch the older couple in the middle panel, but I was too slow. I don't think I was even aware of the other passerby.

self-portrait.jpg (30906 bytes)

The Corvette Club was exhibiting on the lawn at the 4th of July celebration on the CU campus. They had many more cars than shown here, I just liked the symmetry of these three in a row.

vetteshow.jpg (54794 bytes)

I have some interesting pictures on slides, too, but I still haven't decided which film scanner to buy.

Photos (and text, for whatever that's worth) 1998, Paul Williamson.
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