A Batch of Christmas Pictures

Here are some snapshots I shot in Houston and Orange during Christmas of 1997.

Wednesday morning, the day we plan to drive to Orange, Kathy makes a mess (and some Russian Teacakes).

Teacakes in larval form, and chocolate chip cookies (with and without nuts, naturally) wrapped and ready to travel.

This year's presents sitting on last year's present.

Mark peruses the computer catalog that came with Julie's present while Ellen makes a mess (and some traditional Christmas cookies).

First Christmas dinner.

Note the funny shadows on the wall behind Ellen's head. They are the reflection of the flash in the mirror, looking through the angel chimes. Sorry Ellen, the flash and film seem to have reacted poorly with the color of your makeup.

Cleaning up. I get better smiles when I let the subjects know I'm shooting, but it does look a little bit posed, doesn't it?

Ta dah!

The fashion squad admires the consummate software engineering that went into Cosmopolitan's Virtual Makeover.